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Elena Wendelyn


Located In:

Poulsbo, WA

My Story

I live in a small town of Poulsbo, WA. I teach at a nearby community studio Eageldale pottery for 12 years, make and sell my pots locally. I have taught youth and adult classes Since 2013, with various levels of proficiency. I throw, hand built with elements of sculpture. Fascinated with possibilities of imagery message, I explore various surface techniques; sgraffito, Mishima, printing, carving, image transfers.


It took a little pyromaniac spark to become a wood firing potter. In times of summer and fall burn ban I fire my pots in electric oxidation, midrange, and gas reduction high temperature. 

I graduated from Ural State University (Yekaterinburg, Russia) with master degree in art history in 1997. Since 1990s I was one of the leading teachers of international student exchanges  in her native city, creating culturally engaging programs for participating students and parents.  After moving to US I worked at a number of art galleries (including Davidson Galleries in Seattle, WA), eventually starting her own ceramic business. Elena has been part of the Poulsbo farmers market for seven years, as well as selling her work through art galleries and local art festivals. 

Elena contributes to the local charities and fundraisers on the regular basis (Bainbridge Museum of Art, Motley Zoo, animal shelter in Seattle, Kitsap Immigrant Assistance Center). I am on the beard of Cultural Arts Foundation Northwest. One of her recent public art projects was creating a mosaic piece together with 100 students from Wilkes Elementary school on Bainbridge Island, WA

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